Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Orders are made directly through this website with payment made at the time of ordering. It is important you carefully enter all contact details accurately.

When ordering red cherries indicate the week of your preferred delivery and we will send them for arrival on a business day of that week. An email will be sent when your parcel is dispatched with tracking details.

We use NZ Couriers to freight our orders throughout New Zealand. They offer us a priority service and delivery is expected inside two days of dispatch.  This is a no signature service. NZ Couriers will leave your parcel at the door if no one is home. If you have specific instructions for placement of your box on your property by the courier, please complete the relevant section when ordering.

NZ Couriers will not deliver to PO Boxes. When ordering cherries for delivery in the very busy periods of Christmas and New Year we strongly recommend you either choose to have your cherries delivered to a business address or your nearest NZ Couriers depot. The address for your nearest depot or drop off point can be found at . You can check if your chosen address is considered a business address by checking out
They make deliveries to depots and business addresses before residential addresses in their working day. By choosing depots or business addresses, you reduce the time your beautiful cherries spend in transit. You will be notified by email when your box is dispatched. You can track your box through the system and therefore know when your box is ready for collection.

If your chosen date of dispatch is showing 'out of stock' you can ask to be notified if more stock becomes available. Because cherries are a natural product, their availability is determined by many factors. At times we do increase the stock available as we get closer to the date of dispatch.

Why is there a limited set of dates for Rainier cherries?

Rainiers are a yellow fleshed or 'white cherry' which ripen in early January. This variety is very high maintenance hence the higher price. They must be picked and processed more carefully and therefore more slowly. They ripen to their best over the New Year period so timing for sending them via the couriers is tricky. 

These delicate cherries may arrive at your door with travel marks due to their light colouring and fragility. We cannot offer claims against this type of cosmetic damage. 

What about rural addresses?

We no longer offer deliveries to rural addresses. Our courier company will not guarantee delivery for these addresses. We have had disappointing delays in the past using this service. Because of the need for speed of delivery with our precious cherries, we have decided to remove this as an option. We suggest you provide an urban business address of friends or family nearby, or find your local NZ Courier depot for your box.

What happens if my box goes missing?

Occasionally a box of cherries dispatched from our orchard fails to arrive at its destination in a timely fashion. In this case please make contact immediately via email and we will work at tracking it down.

What about damage to the box?

If you receive a damaged box or are dissatisfied with your box, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the fruit. At our discretion we may consider replacements or refunds. Photographs of the damage will be needed for us to make a claim. We cannot take responsibility for cherries that have been incorrectly stored or handled once received at the address given. We do not offer refunds for cherries that have been consumed.

How do I store my cherries?

Cherries store best when they are kept cool in the fridge. We pick, process and thoroughly chill them as close to dispatch as possible. NZ Couriers work hard to keep them cool in transit. Once you receive them, chill them until required.