Ali Jackson Fibres


I am a self taught felt maker living in Central Otago. New Zealand produces beautiful natural wool which I use to create images of the world around me and small 3D objects.

My felt art is created using wool and silk rovings. These are dyed in rich colours which I wet felt through the application of warm water, natural soap and elbow grease to create an impression of what I see. Once dry, the felt is machine sewn and sometimes hand embroidered to further enhance the image.

I sell my images in our roadside stall over the summer, at and at the occasional artisan market.

Gary Jackson Printmaker

I compose art works through a hand carved reduction lino print method.

Sharp edges and rich colours are created with this process.

The challenge is to find new ways to carve marks that result in art works that please the viewer.

The process of producing these works involves many steps. An image is planned and hand drawn onto a piece of lino.

Over several days, parts of the lino are sequentially carved and printed to reveal a sharp and distinctive art work.

Careful forward planning is required as a carved area cannot be replaced. It is a high risk procedure as an error can ruin the effect of the entire art work.

I have explored using multi blocks with the reduction process.

Some images have been through the press 10 or more times to develop the sequence of colours.


Most of my work is printed with oil - based inks onto 250g Fabriano paper.

My work can be bought at our roadside stall or inquire through our email address